Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

November 26th, 2013


We had our first decent snow today so of course we had to get outside and play in it.  That sounded like a good idea until we actually went into the snow and Harper immediately became immobile.  She was glued to whatever spot I left her in -- until we safely made it to the garage and we could play with a roof over our head and no snow under our feet :)  It didn't help it was really heavy snow and it was sleeting/raining/snowing/ yucky while we were out there, but Daddy was out plowing so we had to be out there to see him!  (We love our Daddy)  The whole time he was plowing near the garage she was waving ferociously saying "HI DADDY, HI DADDY" over and over and over again!!  

Thank you Reagan for our super cool snowsuit and boots -- it fits perfect and we love it!!  They will definitely get lots of use this year!!  (When she first asked to go out I told her she had to put on her snowsuit but we could go see Daddy, well the snowsuit looked a little too close to her pjs.  She cried "no night night" -- I had to convince her it was not pj's but a snowsuit.  When we finally had them on towards the door she realized she did not have to go to sleep and it was just fine -- but it took a while!)

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