Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

November 11th, 2013

Unexpected fun day together!!

Normally Mondays our are busy days, but today we had a very light work day so it was a day of fun!! After a quick trip in for work we headed to the library to run into our big cousins and hang out there for a while.  We came home and did some boring stuff (had lunch, vacuumed, took a nap).  Then we put on our tutu and went for a walk outside to look for our kitty buddy.  (There is a cat who is super friendly and can be found hanging out near the barn, but not today :( ) After checking out the barn we played around the garage, then went to check out the garden.  Picked our brussel sprouts and cabbage and then Daddy came home and we went inside to warm up.  After that we went downstairs to play and decided to try out our easel for the first time.  After that super fun time we went upstairs to make some quicksand dough.  That was super fun!!  Then we cleaned up, had dinner, played with Daddy and went to bed.  What a busy fun day!! It was nice to have a light Monday!

I love this face -- she was trying to give me a kiss and she kept coming closer and closer and closer!!

Another kissy face :)

Serious brussel sprout picker!! We don't mess around :)

Having an awesome time with our crayons!!

Super fun quicksand dough!! Harper loved watching it slowly drip down!!  It is just a combination of sand, corn starch, coloring and water.

Happy Monday!!!

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