Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

July 26th, 2014 - for mom

This post is specifically for my mom.  

Here are the projects I have been up to lately, I am sure some other people will like seeing them as well, but really moms are the only ones who care about things like this :)  They are proud of what you do no matter what.  So here are some new projects mom - just thought you would want to see them :)

I started out with a footprint platter for every season with Harper and we finally finished.  Here is our summer platter :)

And since Harper has her big girl bed she needed a proper footstool to get up there.  So I found one at goodwill for two dollars that was all gold.  Spray painted it white and then painted over it with acrylic paints.  I think it came out pretty good - and of course Harper loves it.  I think she would love anything - but she loves that she got to stamp her feet on it.  We are big on foot and hand prints around here :)

So what do you think mom :)  Wish you could see them in person :)


July 25th, 2014

We are officially two - and officially expressing our terrible two temper tantrums!!

After swimming all morning with her friends at the babysitter I went to pick her up at 11:30.  We played for another half hour or so and it was time to go.  All the other kids came out of the water, Harper came out as well and then she lost it.  She was happy to take her clothes off, but putting more clothes on was another story.  She lost it!! I even tried to let her have her way a little bit because we were in public - oh no - it was bad.  Well after a while it was obvious it was just time to scoop her up and leave - naked.  So yes I plopped her in the carseat completely naked and started to drive home.  She was still crying and flipping out at this point.  She wanted the music on until it was on - then she would want it off, when it was off she wanted it on.  She did not know what she wanted she was just exhausted, well 15 minutes into our drive home she passed out.  She just couldn't take the sleepiness.  This was one time I was not going to try and keep her awake until we got home :)


July 23rd, 2014

Daddy snuggled with Harper at bedtime tonight and it was so comfy he fell asleep with her.  After a while I went up there to wake him up and I found the two of them sound asleep in the exact same position.  Like daddy like daughter :)


July 20th, 2014

Big Weekend :)  I don't know who enjoyed it more, Harper or Daddy :)  We rented a back hoe for the weekend to get some projects done and they were both very excited about it!!  Kurt worked all weekend getting lots done, but he still had some time to take a little cutey for a ride :)

And we are getting closer and closer - here is a fun 34 week picture :)


July 19th, 2014

Today we went to Lake Tobias.  It is an amazing zoo type place outside Harrisburg Pa.  First we went on the safari ride. You go on an open air bus into these great big fields were animals are just roaming around in their natural habitat.  There was everything from Buffalo to Llamas to Emus.  The best was you could buy these crackers to feed them before you went and they would come right up to the bus and eat out of your hand.  On a bus across from us one of the animals walked right up onto the bus.  It was amazing!  (Hard to get pictures of as I was trying to keep Harper from either jumping or falling over the edge from excitement).  Then we went into a reptile area where my daughter who has no fear was touching and torturing an alligator and snake.  Also not good pictures because I decided her safety was more important than cool pictures :) ha  And lastly we went into the petting zoo area.  Harper LOVED petting and feeding the animals.  The best was her reaction after they licked the cracker out of her hand.  

Now random funny story :)

So we spent the whole day at Lake Tobias and Harper was having a blast so she was missing nap and I figured hey as long as she was holding on we were going to keep going.  So by the time we got to the petting zoo area it was way past naptime and Harper is a big time thumb sucker.  So try as I may hands were in her mouth ALOT!  Feed the animals, suck her thumb, hug the animals, suck her thumb, hug the animals, suck her thumb.  We sanitized when we left but yeah that was a little late.  Not to mention earlier on the Safari tour she figured out that the crackers were pretty yummy so why share all of them with the animals.  If they won't eat it - I will :)  So whatever gross but she will live it is just one day.  The next day rolls around and Harper spikes a fever of 104.  Yeah I thought I diseased my child.  Got the fever down, woke up the next day without one but by nighttime we were back to 102.  Kerri nicely talked me into calling the doctor and telling them that we went to the petting zoo and now we had a fever -I called and they probably thought I was crazy but just to watch her.  Next day no fever just spots all over her body - yeah all along all I can find on the computer is diseases from petting zoo.  Flash forward to today and a doctors diagnosis - Harper has hand, foot and mouth disease which is going around - nothing to do with petting zoo.  Ha so as gross as it was I did not disease her and she is just fine :)  But the big joke is she has Hoof and Mouth disease :)

I loved her reaction every time they took her crackers :)

Emu and their babies just strolling through the road.

Eating right out of Harpers hand - that black tubing is the edge of our bus.
The next picture is when he backed up just a little so I could get a picture.


July 17th, 2014

We found two caterpillars in our garden this evening and of course the girls had to check them out!!  Harper and Ava were loving it - Elaina wasn't so sure.  Not so sure they all survived after Harper got ahold of them, after a while she took it upon herself to see exactly how squishy a caterpillar is.  Somehow after I set them free that evening they were both gone in the morning - so I do believe they lived - just probably traumatized!!

Harper was too busy checking them out to look up for the camera.

My little models on the other hand were all about the cheezer.

Ava looks like a runway model holding a caterpillar - funny combo :)

The intrigue is taking over and really checking out the caterpillar is starting in Harper's mind :)

And if you look close you can see those little fingers pinching a little tighter.  I kept telling her not to squeeze but caterpillars are a pretty cool texture :) ha


July 15th, 2014

Nap Time :)

So we seem to be great at climbing back into bed at bedtime to go to sleep, but nap time seems to be wherever we fall asleep.  Today we started in the bed until mommy left and she climbed out, then she climbed back into bed, then out of bed and fell asleep.  I could tell she was sleeping but I did not know where.  I had to wake her up because she had a Doctor's appt to get too and this is where I found her.  Cuddled up in her little reading nook reading Little Red Riding Hood sound asleep!  She is such a cutey - we love her to pieces!!


July 13th, 2014

Enjoying our new rug from from Birdie - and all the extra room because we moved our crib into the new baby's room.  Harper is now completely into a big girl bed :)

We also had to mark how tall we are on our new growth chart.  The second picture is Harper telling us that she is TWO! :)  Such a big girl!!


July 12th, 2014


We had wonderful weather for a perfect birthday party today!!  We had friends and family over to hang out and celebrate Harper's special day!  Since it was all about Harper I decided a bubble theme would be appropriate as she loves them! So we had a baby pool full of bubble solution and blowers, sensory table full of baby shampoo and whisks, packing bubbles to pop, bubble painting and a ball pit.  I think the kids had a great time! -- I guess I know Harper definitely did!!  From these pictures it looks like only our cousins and the Fishers were over but that was not the case at all - I was just slacking on pictures in the beginning because I was running around :)  But we had lots of friends there!!

Harpers bubble cake -- Cake decorating is not my specialty but we did all right :)  (By the time we ate it the letters were sliding off the cake - haha)

I love this picture of Ava and Elaina!!


Then the girls found a more exciting way to slide down :) haha

Blowing out the candles - she picked that up right away!!

I do believe this picture was taken before the cake - hard to believe :) haha

This is Harper telling everyone how old she is!!  TWO!!!

Kurt and Matt and their little helpers bringing in the ball pit at the end of the night!!  We have some good little helpers on our hands!!

Happy Birthday Harper!! What a perfect Birthday weekend!!


July 11th, 2014


I can't believe it has been two years!! 
We had a terrific day!! I was supposed to work in the morning so Harper was going to visit her babysitter as always for an hour.  Well you can't go to see all your friends without treats so I made her cookies to take.  On the way in to work my clients canceled so we went to the babysitters house and I got to stay and play with them all morning.  It was lots of fun!  We had cookies, ran through the sprinklers and made a butterfly craft - a perfect start to the day!!  Then we came home and after nap we needed a bath so why not a birthday bath complete with balloons and party hats!!  We even colored the water blue and the water balloons yellow - that was pretty exciting to watch the color change!!  Then we finished the day off with some yummy homemade pizza and Mommy surprised her with a finished big girl quilt on her bed.  What a wonderful birthday for a two year old!! Tomorrow we get to have a party with all of our friends!!


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