Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

September 29th, 2013--Happy Fall!!!

And because I love torturing my daughter -- Happy Fall!!

Cutest pumpkin in the patch :)


September 29th, 2013

The past 24 hours have been rough.
Last night we were playing with our cousins and managed to get a big fat lip, then this morning she was running a little too fast and went head first into my shoe rack resulting in that shiner on her eye.  Not to mention there are some miscellaneous bruises on her left cheek from everyday falls :)  Harper is beginning to look like a prized fighter.

Well I believe she is realizing this as well.  We have not brought out her bike helmet since the beginning of the summer because it always falls over her eyes, so it sits way high up on a shelf in the garage.  Well for the first time today she sat out in the garage, pointed to the helmet and would not stop until we brought it down for her.  She then proceeded to put in on for the rest of the afternoon.  Guess she realized she was having a rough day as well.  And it was a good thing because shortly after putting it on she fell backwards off the top of the slide and thank goodness she had her helmet on.  It got to the point were she would get really mad if you took it off, so it stayed on all afternoon while we played on the slide, went for a walk, picked some flowers and rummaged through all the toys in the garage.  Guess you can never be too safe :)


September 27th, 2013


September 26th, 2013

Halloween Sensory Tub Time

We put orange and black beans, fake spiders, pumpkins and a couple cookie cutters all into the tub and it was fun for hours!  (Well 45 minutes, but in toddler time that is an eternity!!)

Then we headed out to go pick some flowers, another favorite activity!


September 25th, 2013


When they are older we will remind them at one point in time they both fit in the same swing.  

It's the two headed swing monster :)


September 24th, 2013

 I came home from work the other night and found Harper and Kurt in this situation :)  

The box was about halfway full when I walked in and I watched the process in action to see it fill up all the way.  From what I hear Harper wanted to be in the box, as soon as she was in there Kurt started giving her one toy at a time and she would very seriously find a spot to shove it in the box.  Kurt kept going and next thing you know the box is overflowing and it is hard to find Harper.  The funny thing is she took this job very seriously, no smiling, all work, no play.  

I believe this may be the start of a hoarding problem!


September 23rd, 2013

Yummy Yummy Apples and Peanut Butter.

Not sure if you can really tell in this picture, but she is covered in Peanut Butter.  Mommy was eating an apple with peanut butter so Harper would not let me eat until she tried a piece and she loved it!  She kept wanting more and more.  Trying to get peanut butter on a tiny little piece of apple is difficult, but even more difficult for her to get it into her mouth and not get peanut butter everywhere.  And when you are sleepy and rub your eyes you smear peanut butter all over your face and hair.  It was an entertaining dinner :)  


September 22nd, 2013

We had a special visit from Birdie and Pop today.  As if it wasn't special enough to have them visit, they also brought a new play house and a bike.  It was quite an exciting day!!

Reading with Pop -- Hats Hats Hats :)
(She says the title Hats Hats Hats all by herself and it is pretty cute!)


Daddy is already teaching Harper how to pop a wheelie -- we better get a helmet on her quick :)

Loving the new bike even though it is a little big!!

Goofy Pop!

A real live woof woof here at our house :)  Pretty exciting!

Go Birdie Go -- keep pushing!!

Wee down the slide.

Thanks for the visit! Come back soon!


September 20th, 2013


September 18th, 2013

We found the cat door in the barn and it is the perfect peekaboo spot.  


September 19th, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Thursday afternoon - the afternoon off and it was a BEAUTIFUL day so we decided to head to a pumpkin patch.  We not only went to a pumpkin patch, we went to an awesome farm that had pumpkins, cows, goats, chickens, pigs, bunnies, wagon rides and we were the only ones there.  We had a great time!!

Then we came home and had a great time playing outside.  Here is little miss Hollywood stealing mommies sunglasses.

Not exactly sure what is happening in this picture but I think it is hilarious!!

And random tidbit of information but this is the fall dress I made for Harper complete with sleeves :)  It was alot longer and after trying it on we hemmed it up quite a bit so it is a long shirt/short dress :)  Whatever it is, it is perfect with leggings :)


September 17, 2013

Today was an absolutely perfect fall day.  After nap time we decided to head outside and play for a little while.  We had fun exploring everything we possibly could.  We played in our swing, we explored the barn, the field, the corn crib, the shed, we tortured the butterflies, went back to the swing, sat in our chair, pushed our car around and then played in our sand table.  All that in about two hours!  It was a perfect afternoon -- then mommy had to head to work and Daddy got to do it all over again :)


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