Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

June 29th, 2014

I walked outside today to find these two laying in the field gazing up at the clouds.  It was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen :)


June 28th, 2014

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty!!

We went over to some friends house for dinner tonight and after dinner we headed to the park.  The park was fun for a while, but then the big open dust ball of dirt otherwise known as an empty baseball diamond was too exciting for two little kids to pass up.  They were filthy!!!  These pictures don't even do it justice in showing how dirty they actually were!  But all that matters is they had a blast -- it definitely showed in the layer of grime at the bottom of the tub tonight!!


June 27th, 2014

Today Mommy and Harper had the whole day to ourselves, no work, no obligations, no nothing.  So we went to the paint your own pottery place and Harper painted a super special picture frame for her baby sister!  She was so proud.  Then we headed over to the library because we never get there anymore before we headed home for some yummy lunch.  We can't wait to pick up our picture frame next week and see how it came out.  It will be the first thing to hang up in baby sisters room - now we just need to wait for her to get here so we can take a sisters picture to place in the frame!


June 25th, 2014

Here is the finished H shirt.  She is pretty proud to wear her "Harper" shirt!!


June 23rd, 2014

The barn is just about empty this time of year so it has turned into quite a fun place to explore.  This afternoon we headed up to check for our kitty friend and ended up staying there for quite a while.  She had so much fun that she didn't even realize she was my little model :)


June 22nd, 2014

Our fun summer afternoons.  
Lately on nice summer afternoons, after naps, we head on over to the pool and then the park.  It is a terrific afternoon for us!!  And Harper has become a fish in the water - she will jump right in without any fear! 


June 19th, 2014


We seem to really be into dinosaurs lately!  Her favorite show is Dinosaur Train but we never watch it because it is on pbs on really random times.  So once in a while we catch it but she absolutely loves it.  So while I was out today I found some mini dinosaurs at a yard sale.  When I brought them home she absolutely loved them.  So much that she insisted on taking her nap with one of them.  Well while she was sleeping I figured we should do something exciting when she woke up.  So I made a playdough volcano in her sensory box outside, complete with a vinegar lake and baking soda sand.  Harper loved it!! She was intrigued for an hour straight - and I was the one who made her stop because we had to get cleaned up for dinner.  The funny thing was i dyed the vinegar blue and maybe that wasn't such a good idea, I was a little worried I was going to have a smurf for a daughter.  But after a good bath you can only tell she was blue if you look really close!!


June 16th, 2014

Another big day!  We painted a fancy new shirt today.  It is pretty cool - when we peel off the paper and wear it I will try and take a finished picture as well.  These are the only two pictures we have as I had to try to contain the fabric paint and even though we are outside and she is stark naked it was still a tough job!!  Then when Daddy got home we went to the pool and then the park.  Harper sure is turning into quite a little fish.  She will just kick and kick and kick all over the pool (with her little life jacket on).  We did try to encourage using her arms to swim as well and that just led to swimming in a circle - it was quite comical!!  Then we finished the day off with takeout Chinese.  Another wonderful summer day in the books!


June 13th, 2014

Strawberry Picking!

We finally had a sunny day so we headed out to pick some strawberries.  Harper loved it!!  For the first five minutes she would pick the berries and put them in the basket, then she realized it was time to forget the middle man!  She would just pick them and put them straight in her mouth.  That worked well for a while until she realized forget this, mommy is putting all these yummy berries in baskets right in front of me, why in the world would I pick my own.  She is no dummy :)  She was absolutely covered from head to toe in strawberry juice.  I felt guilty not paying for an extra quart or two with all that she ate :)  The whole time Harper would say "I like strawberry picking" - "Harper eat Strawberries".  It was a terrific afternoon!


June 10th, 2014

Aren't these the cutest little piggies you have ever seen!! 

Harper has always really been into the nails (and toes) of a couple ladies at the gym.  One in-particular gets them changed every week or so and Harper checks out every finger separately and ooo's and aaaa's over them.  Well this morning we decided to paint her toes and she loved it.  She picked out the color and sat so still while mommy painted them.  (She wanted to help paint Mommy's but I am just not that daring yet, definitely outside one day - but not up in the bathroom :) 

It is amazing how old those little piggies look now, she is no longer my little baby :( 

I love this picture because she is still my little baby sucking her thumb and holding her belly button while we snap the picture :)


June 7th, 2014

Another super fun evening.  Tonight we went out to the local community pool and swam for an hour or so after Harper's nap and then headed over to the park right next door. Harper is a little fish!  She was swimming like crazy when we took our trip to Florida but we haven't swam since then so we didn't know how it would go.  Well she is a swimmer!  She wears her little life jacket and just kicks and kicks and swims all over the place!!  (We did encourage her to use her arms and that just led to swimming in circles - we still have some kinks to work out :) )  Another terrific summer night!!  


June 6th, 2014

What a wonderful evening!! Tonight we ran the Kiwanis Run for the Kids Fun Run and it was terrific!! We started out the night with Harper running her first race and she absolutely LOVED it!! All the kids got a race bib (all number 1) then they raced about 100 yards (which seemed a lot longer than previous years that we watched) and at the end they all received a medal!  There was a smile across her face the whole time and she ran the WHOLE thing!!  Pretty good for a little girl who hasn't even turned two yet! :)  Then we quickly plopped her into her stroller and off the whole family ran the 5k.  It was so much fun!!  May not have been our fastest time, but it was definitely the most enjoyable race ever!  It also helped that the weather was absolutely perfect!!  Here are some pictures from our terrific night!

Harper and her cousins showing their strong muscles!! Don't mess with these girls :)

Ava's starting pose :)

And Harper's starting pose :)

There goes Elaina - running like a champ!! (Ava was too fast to catch a picture)

Determination :)

Here comes Harper and Daddy :)


Checking out her awesome post race medal (we have worn in three days in a row as of writing this blog post - she wanted to wear the bib as well but some how we talked her into just the medal)

She had so much fun that she turned around and ran back to the starting line.  She is a runner all the way :)

Family picture after the race -- we don't look to bad :)

After race picture pose :)  One proud little runner :)


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