Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

January 9th, 2015

This morning we were supposed to leave to go to Splash Lagoon in Erie PA with our Michigan Family  -- but of course the weather wasn't so good in Michigan or near Erie so we had to postpone the trip.  We have talked about this trip for weeks so we had one bummed little girl on our hands.  We tried to think of somehow to make it up to her and make the day super exciting!  First she went outside to play with her daddy -- I went out to get some pictures about a half hour after them being out there and her little cheeks were two seconds away from frostbite so we had to drag her inside.  If she would have had it her way she would have stayed outside all morning!  And then this evening we went to the Y pool with our Pennsylvania cousins!  We drove a little extra to go to the Muncy pool and it was well worth it! 

They turned on the water slide!!!!!

Harper absolutely loved it! She probably went down at least 50 times!  She went down a gazillion with Daddy while I held Riley and took pictures, then Mommy wanted a turn so we switched and I went down a bunch with her.  Riley started getting fussy so I said that we could only go down three more times - Harper's response was "but we will not go home, then it is Daddy's turn".  I chuckled and let her know we were not leaving and yes she could continue down the slide.  Almost every other kid in the pool gave up and she would go down, jump out and start right back up the stairs -- she loved it!!  I had a million pictures to choose from all with this huge smile on her face!  She loved it!  

When they finally turned the slide off she had a great time with her cousins even though all three of their lips were blue and it was well past dinner time, but still it took bribing and coaxing to drag her out of the pool.  It was no Splash Lagoon but it was a pretty wonderful swim night!!

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