Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

August 16th, 2014

A day of disappointments - but we still had a great day.

So I sort of made a mistake and thought that one of Harper's friends birthday parties was today.  We had it planned that Harper and Kurt would meet me after work and we would head to the party - oops it is tomorrow.  So after getting Harper all pumped up about a party only to cancel it on her.  So then we decided we would have a great afternoon and go swimming.  We got all ready, headed up to the community pool at about 4:15 (the pool should be open until 6) and there was no one there and everything was locked up.  That was a HUGE disappointment!!  So then we went on the hunt for some place to go swimming.  We tried a couple different swimming holes - tried thinking of anyone we could call to go visit and lastly we figured on going to Grammy and Pops creek - even though they weren't there.  Luckily Harper is very forgiving and even though it was now almost dinner time and the water was super chilly.  We still had a great time!  So even though it was quite a day - it still turned out wonderful!

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