Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

August 22nd, 2015

Party Time!!
Today was Riley's First Birthday Party!  It was a super special day!!  We went with a Rainbow Bear theme and everything turned out perfect!  We have always called Riley our Riley Bear and Harper has really elaborated on it by calling us Mommy Bear, Daddy Bear, Harper Bear and Riley Bear so I thought we should have some matching shirts :)  

We had lots of visitors all the way from Michigan!  Uncle Gabe, Aunt Jackie, Ellary, Birdie and Pop all came in to visit for the weekend as well as our PA family and a few friends.  The weather was beautiful and we had lots of colorful rainbow food!!

Happy Birthday Riley Bear!  We love you!!

The Hawks  – (September 1, 2015 at 12:37 PM)  

these pics are awesome!!! and way to go moma bear (& daddy bear) you survived the first year! Party looked great - nice work with all the rainbow'ness

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