Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

June 28th, 2015


Daddy's work had a special picnic at Knoebel's today so we went and Harper had a blast!!!  She went on just about every ride she was tall enough to go on!!  She has no fear of anything!!  We arrived at 11 when it open and it was just about 5 oclock when we started the drive back home.  She was a trooper and loved every second of it!!

This was a true legit Roller Coaster as you can tell by the crazy Roller Coaster hair and face :)  I was holding on to her little body as hard as I could so that she wouldn't fly out.  She is crazy!!!  The only issue she had with it was that it pushed against her belly :)  Don't mess with her belly.

Birdie –   – (July 14, 2015 at 3:40 PM)  

It's obvious she and you had fun :-). I wouldn't ( couldn't ) do the roller coaster...

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