Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

April 20th, 2014

What a wonderful Easter!!
We started the day with some yummy Bunny pancakes - and who doesn't love pancakes that have chocolate pieces in them :)  

After eating our yummy bunny pancakes we had a nice relaxing morning and decided to do a little Easter "project".  We made beautiful spring flowers to hang up on the window.  (We wanted to play inside a little bit to let it warm up outside for the bunny to come visit)

After lunch and nap we thought we heard something outside, we went to check and we found Bunny prints.  I love Harper's face in this picture - every footstep she was amazed -- silly bunny :)

The Bunny brought us this cool new hopscotch game that is a lot of fun to run on over and over again!
Then it was off to follow the footprints - each set just as exciting as the next.  And that silly bunny dropped some eggs along the way.

Once we made it out into the field the bunny had eggs everywhere! And lots of fun things to find!  

I think all of the eggs were a little overwhelming - so she just ran around and looked for the Jelly bean eggs.  Which meant opening them up and if they weren't jelly beans we just dropped them and kept on going :)  She was after those yummy jelly beans!!

Found our basket!!

In true Harper style we had to "dump" it!  

It was a wonderful Easter!  And after all of that excitement we went over to Grammy and Pop's to continue the hunt and have some dinner with our cousins.

Don't set your basket down - if you do Harper will most likely walk off with it :)  She was not messing around :)

Happy Easter!!  Can't wait for the Bunny to visit us again next year!!

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