Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

Lyndsay, Kurt, Harper & Riley

May 20th, 2013

Hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bathtub :)
We resort to interesting measures so that I can take a shower.  We have a jumper in the bathroom and somedays that works while I shower, other days she just roams around the bathroom (we have everything baby proofed so she can't get into anything).  Well she has realized where I am while she is roaming around the bathroom so she likes to open up the curtain and try to come into the shower.  So to take a shower I have to keep one foot on the side of the shower curtain to hold it down and keep her out.  It is interesting to say the least!  So once in a while we switch it up and put her in our great big garden tub.  It is like a mini built in play pen in the bathroom.  Here she is enjoying the tub :)

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